Time Stamping

TimepixCam is able to record and time-stamp light flashes in excess of 1,000 photons with high quantum efficiency in the 400–1000nm wavelength range with 20ns timing resolution, corresponding to an effective rate of 50 Megaframes per second. This is accomplished by .. more

Light Sources

The TimepixCam is utilized at molecular photoionization experiments using the velocity map imaging technique. The timing resolution of the chip allows recording significantly more data within a given amount of beamtime and is .. more

Single Photon Detection

We perform the timestamping of single photons with a time resolution of 20 ns, by coupling TimepixCam to a fast image-intensifier with a P47 phosphor screen. The fast emission time of the P47 allows us to preserve good time resolution while .. more

Ion Imaging

Tpx3Cam is equipped in a coincidence velocity map imaging apparatus. The high sensitivity and nanosecond timing resolution allow for simultaneous position and time-of-flight detection.

The detailed characterization of the camera .. more